Funding Options

Easy Fund Finance Services arranges Senior and Sub-debt financing for companies who cannot obtain adequate bank financing.
We act as a national clearinghouse, representing several hundred non-¬ traditional money sources that are specifically geared to fund troubled or growing companies. These are generally non-bank lenders that provide financing to companies who CANNOT obtain adequate capital to further develop or maintain their business.

Client Profile

Any company or entity that is unable to secure commercial financing through traditional sources particularly if funding needs are immediate. (i.e., developmental stage companies or companies with losses, negative net worth, tax liens, in chapter 11, personal credit problems of principals, etc.).

Type of Funding Provided

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Bank Guarantee (BG)

Letter of Credit (LC)

Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

Revolving Credit Lines

Proof of Fund (POF)

Proof of Fund (POF)


Lease /Purchase

Business Start-Up Loans

Purchase Order Financing

Delivery via MT103, MT110, MT799, MT760

Acquisition Financing

Asset Based Loans

Inventory Loans

Funding for Healthcare Providers

DIP and Exit Financing

Equipment Financing

Cash Flow Loans

Mezzanine Financing

Real Estate Financing

Equity Participation

Loan Guarantees

Construction Loans

Film Financing

100% on Project Financing



$1,000,000.00 USD and Up (typical transactions range from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000,000)
Lease Price: 6+2%
Purchase Price: 36+2%
Duration: For one Year and one day
Loan Range
$1,000,000.00 USD and Up (typical transactions range from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000,000)


4% to 12% per annum on most debt financing transactions.
1% per month and higher on discount factoring.
1% per month and up on PO financing.
3% to 12% APR on Real Estate Transactions.

Time Line to Close

Bridge Loans can be completed within 10 days Most other transactions from 30 to 90 days.

How We Work

Easy Fund Finance Services represents over 900 lenders/ investment firms nationwide as agent or correspondent. We review the particulars of any new funding request by focusing on the borrower’s geographic location, loan size, industry type, collateral (if any), mix of collateral, historical cash flows, credit profile, etc. in order to identify lenders who can fulfill the specific requirements of the borrower. We send a written synopsis of the transaction to specific lenders we have identified and further speak with them to select the most likely candidate who will provide the best overall proposal. Our mandate and obligation is to obtain the best financing transaction available for our client. We do not earn a closing fee unless the client is satisfied and has accepted the financing we have arranged.

Easy Fund Finance Services Fees

We typically earn a success fee at closing of 1% to 3% on the funded amount, determined primarily by the loan size but also by the type of transaction and other factors.

Fully Refundable Retainer.

We require a small retainer that will be credited against our closing fee, but only after the client has received and accepted our funding sources proposal with specific terms and conditions outlining the financing. Those terms will be based on the client’s representations made on one of our funding worksheets. The initial work that we perform on any new account is at our expense and involves an internal review and analysis of the transaction followed by further review with a specific lender/ investment firm. The lender will be selected on the basis of your industry type, geographic location, loan size, credit profile, type and mix of collateral, etc. The lender must express a defined interest in providing a proposal with specific terms, based on the representations that have been made by the client. We work on a non-exclusive basis and the borrower may choose to accept other financing or pursue other available options at a later date that would preclude a closing from occurring. In that event, the retainer will have covered our costs.

Funding Application Process

1. Client to complete and submit Starter Form (“Apply Now” Button)
2. Client to receive a Funding Worksheet based on the answers provided on the Starter Form.
3. Client to complete and submit Funding Worksheet.
4. Client to receive either a Term Sheet or a Decline of Funding Application based on information provided on Funding Worksheet.

If approved:

5. Client to review and approve Term Sheet.
6. Client to receive and sign Fee Agreement.
7. Client to remit a Fully Refundable Retainer by wire.
8. Client introduced to Lender or Equity Provider.
9. Lender or Private Equity Provider gathers all relevant documentation from client to review and confirm all information provided in the Funding Worksheet*
10. Assuming all information is confirmed as per the Funding Worksheet, funder will advance funds. Normal timeline is 30 to 90 days.

How to Complete Funding Forms

1. Be brief in your answers – do not exceed the space provided.
2. Complete all fields.
3. Do not refer to “see attached”. This will result in automatic decline of loan.
4. Be sure all numbers provided are accurate.

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